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Poetry Challenges

Poetry Challenge

Three word poetry challenge
1,046 Threads
7,635 Posts
The Spring Flower-Life - A kiss - Flower
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:29:13 GMT
Picture Poetry

Write a poem inspired by the photo image
38 Threads
179 Posts
Father And Son
by Steve
Sept 6, 2014 8:42:14 GMT

Poetry Lounge

Poetry Lounge   6 Viewing

Post share your poetry here - Open poetry lounge

7,025 Threads
42,990 Posts
Autumn Day
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 7:13:36 GMT
Poetry Romance   1 Viewing

Themes of romance - Heart - Love - Togetherness
1,804 Threads
11,591 Posts
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 7:10:15 GMT

Post your valentines poems Here! - Poetry Valentines
125 Threads
997 Posts
A Geriatric’s Valentine Jitters
by Steve
Aug 11, 2014 6:50:12 GMT

Poetry to inspire in the form of poems and stories

716 Threads
4,515 Posts
Your Words
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 7:07:52 GMT
Season Poetry   1 Viewing

Poetry hononoring Spring - Summer and Fall
134 Threads
988 Posts
Summer turns to Fall
by Steve
Sept 14, 2014 22:33:38 GMT
Poetry Of Nature

Poetry of nature - Flowers - The sea - The sky - The wild - Pets
313 Threads
2,107 Posts
Cedar Creek Muse
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 7:05:34 GMT
Prose   1 Viewing

Prose a verse which does not have rhythmic qualities
580 Threads
4,201 Posts
Let the fun times shine on in!
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 7:02:45 GMT
Song Lyrics

Post your future hit song lyric here Your original lyrics only!

624 Threads
3,128 Posts
by Steve
Sept 14, 2014 18:05:11 GMT

Religious Poetry


A spiritual journey through poetry and stories

1,029 Threads
6,837 Posts
In His Presence (Octave)
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:51:12 GMT

Christmas Poetry - Post your Christmas poems here!
143 Threads
877 Posts
The Christmas Gift of Love
by Steve
Dec 12, 2013 22:34:24 GMT
Holiday Poems   1 Viewing

Fathers Day - Mothers Day - Thanksgiving - Halloween Poetry
158 Threads
991 Posts
Halloween Poetry Competition
by Steve
Sept 12, 2014 9:05:34 GMT
Poetry Blues   1 Viewing

Post those poetry blues here! A poetic theme of blues

526 Threads
3,554 Posts
Show you care
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:58:12 GMT
Healing Room

Where to meet sharing poetry of tears/love/pain
601 Threads
4,238 Posts
Butterfly Dreams
by Steve
Sept 15, 2014 17:52:39 GMT

Poetry to show thanks or respect - An expression of esteem
167 Threads
1,253 Posts
Where The Twin Towers Once Stood
by Steve
Sept 11, 2014 16:03:15 GMT

Poems in honour or in dedication

240 Threads
1,720 Posts
I never
by Steve
Sept 14, 2014 17:51:38 GMT

Post Your Friendship Poems Here
26 Threads
157 Posts
Friends Til The End
by The Creative Pen
Sept 13, 2014 14:24:27 GMT

Short Stories

Stories & Novels

Post short stories and novels here! Usually fictional prose

283 Threads
1,458 Posts
Preparing to Write the Great Failing American Novel
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:43:11 GMT

Poetry of science fiction fantasy Myths and Legends
90 Threads
663 Posts
~Secret Place~
by Steve
Sept 15, 2014 17:44:45 GMT
Extended Metaphor

Poetry of extended metaphor - Rhymes of 10 verses or more
141 Threads
712 Posts
An Evening's Wanderings
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:40:31 GMT
Haiku Poetry

Post Your Haiku Poetry Here
774 Threads
4,592 Posts
by Steve
Sept 15, 2014 7:51:29 GMT

A poem/story with a humorous or whimsical slant

817 Threads
5,465 Posts
Thanks For Noticing
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:36:46 GMT

Not sure where to post your poem Post them here!
1,709 Threads
11,229 Posts
by Steve
Sept 16, 2014 6:34:08 GMT
The Dark Side   1 Viewing

Poetry From The Dark side - Vampires - Demons
15 Threads
63 Posts
by Steve
Sept 15, 2014 17:31:21 GMT

Help Page

Help Page

Helpful tips on posting and settings
29 Threads
33 Posts
Searching other pages
by Steve
Sept 7, 2014 12:43:05 GMT

Featured Haiku

Featured Haiku The Creative Pen©
©All rights are reserved and remain with the author

Exams~lack of sleep
Paper, quill, I'm ready
Forgot the ink.

Author: asderc©

The sun's final rays
hurled back the dark intruder
with blinding brillance


all places
filling with poetry~
spring wardrobe!

Author: elaine©

Squirrels run around
gather nuts for winter's feast
life for life God's treat

Author: Mac McGovern©

Olden trees stand guard
forget their lengthening shades--
complete darkness soon.

Author: Seshu Chamarty©

Storm-struck skies weep
As thirsty tulips open-
Rebirth of the world

Author: vaporousone©

Winter visitors--
a flock of human snowbirds
arrives each autumn

Author: Jack©

Rising, growing, glowing
dispersing dimmed light
out into the night.

Author: susanmisswordplay©

In desperation?
Life akin a bark tree,
Tough....but beautiful.

Author: asderc©

The rolling mountain
Making you think you haven’t seen
Make life worth living.

Author: gopallahiri©

night rain -
my path littered
with azalea petals

Author: bheath©

On a garden bench
An old man holds a photo
Dreaming of times past

Author: michael©

Fall is here again
no more summer hot weather
nature changes colors

Author: ladydp2000©

winter orchard -
moonlit pencil sketches
I wish I had done

Author: wrheath©

October cries sleep
flora answers in umber
firey pillow waits

Author: William B Burkholder©

bleeding pallid thoughts
carved along a totem pole
a Poem unmasked!

Author: tony©

first day of school
my big man starting fourth grade
no more hugs goodbye

Author: micky74007©

Brick wall rises up
city streets buzzing with noise--

Author: wickedhart©

Drowning in leaf green
Mist invades from summer lake.
Blackberry winter!

Author: burdick©

Shadows follow me
Just like running from a bee
Shadows never sleep

Author: shannonfarlouis©

Crushed velvety sky
lofty cloth of this smooth eve
suits my soul just right.

Author: sphinx365©

Dew drops on petals
White Rose-somewhere from nowhere
The last Autumn bloom...

Author: will©

Dancing along the clear waters
Singing a song of beauty and happiness
Beautiful white flowers swimming along

Author: deerose©

shoe-prints line the floor
in an underground tunnel
waiting for the train

Author: grasshopper©

Trees sway back and forth
To the rhythm of the wind
Leaves fall with each beat

Author: Nancy J.©

I love the daylight
That slips through the shades of dusk
Into the darkness.

Author: rupert©

A traveling stone,
submerged in the murky depths,
retains no more weight.

Author: Mr. Monster©

shoe-prints line the floor
in an underground tunnel
waiting for the train

Author: grasshopper©

A song is a smile
that lifts up your joyous heart
and remains with you

Author: ruthpfeiffer7©

People cry no more
life is hard, struggle is hard
trees, symbols of growth

Author: markeeta©

Once again,
Time flows by;always moving,
~Do I still need to wait?

Author: asderc©

Anxiety over past,
Emotions to drown both the hearts;
It's not a puppy love!

Author: wenkat©

Crash crash,
Burn let it all burn,
This hurricane chasing us all underground.

Author: asderc©

Open the old book
Blank pages of memories
Going to put words.

Author: gopallahiri©

The stars and the moon
Light the road ahead of me,
What useless street lights.

Author: allison13©

Breathe the crisp night air
inhaling its fragrance deep
the sweet taste of life

Author: Mac McGovern©

Last evening it rained
this morning the earth had an
ivory-scrubbed glow

Author: ruthpfeiffer7©

snow forecast -
the edges of the moon

Author: wrheath©

Raw winds and snows deep
Drift across open fields
Where spring Tulips sleep

Author: T.L.Finch©

Raw winds and snows deep
Drift across open fields
Where spring Tulips sleep

Author: T.L.Finch©

Star shaped brilliance
Standing proud and tall
Reflecting sunlight

Author: silverlady©

A bright yellow field
Nature's harbinger of Spring
Dandelions blaze

Author: ruthpfeiffer7©

Heavenly dancing
Exquisite movement and form -
Art’s pure elegance.

Author: windowguy©

Standing in a meadow,
light falls;twirling leaves,
hot June sun winks at me.

Author: asderc©

Some people wear masks
sometimes the mask is unveiled
and the essence bared.

Author: Shawnna©


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